Dust Arresters

Dust arresters and their units are ment for operation at oil and gas industrial units. Cyclone and centrifugal dust arresters and their units operating under pressure not more than 16 MPa, without pressure and at wall temperature not less than minus 60C may be produced in accordance with specification data.

Climatic 15150-69   ,
Seismicity as per II-7-81, not more  9 force
Wind force rate as per, not more  VII
Gas capacity,m3/day   from 0,5106 t 30106
Disign pressure, P  from 0,6 t 16,0
Vessel diameter, mm   600; 1000; 1200; 1400; 1600; 1800; 2000
Vessel height, mm   from 2000 t 15000
Intlet-outlet nozzle diameter, mm   from 50 t 1000

Vessels and their units can be manufactured taking into consideration additional requirement mentioned in design documentation on the customer"s request.

Geometrical dimensions, type of internals, characferistics of vessels are confirmed by design made at the time of engineering projects.