Pressure regulators

Lever pressure regulator is intended for automatic maintenance of pressure in pipeline at a set level. The regulator is applied for automation in various manufacturing processes. It is installed in the pipeline rigorously upright before or after the regulator.
Nominal diameter, DN, mm 25 up to 200
Nominal pressure, PN, MPa 1,6
Climatic version 1 is accoding to 1515-69
Working medium isliquid or gaseous, neutral to material of components contacting with the medium
Working medium temperature isnot more than +300
Ambient humidity is30% up to 80%
Ambient temperature is -30 up to 50
Safety requirements are to GOST 12.2.063
Mean-time between failures isnot less than 8000 hours (4000 cycles)
Control range is 0,015MPa up to 1,3 MPa for DN25-150 mm
0,015MPa up to 0,8 MPa for DN200 mm
Actuator type diaphragm actuator interacting with a lever-cargo system
Service life isnot less than 30 years