Control valves

This valve is intended for constant process regulation of feed, pressure and other parameters of fluid and gaseous medium flows transferred by pipelines. Any type of installation in the pipeline is possible, but the installation with a diaphragm actuator upwards is preferable.

The following are the main types :
  • Double- seat control valve 65260 to 51-0303-14-98
          with diaphragm actuator
  • Double-seat control valve 65235 to 51-0303-15-98
           with webbed cover and with diaphragm actuator
        with electric motor operator
    Climatic version 1, 1 is according to GOST 15150-69
    Working medium is liquid or gaseous, neutral to material of components contacting with the medium
    Ambient humidity is 30% up to 80%
    Ambient temperature is - 50 up to + 50
    Safety requirements are to GOST12.2.063
    Service life is not less than 30 years