Control Valve

Control valves are used for remote and local control of gas flow parameters in pipelines of gas well processing trains, gas fields and subsurface gas storages on gas treatment installations.
The valves can operate in automatic mode as a part of automatic control system. Remote control from the operator"s stand as well as local control by means of built-in control station and manual stand-by facility is possible.
Nominal diameter, DN, mm 100
Climatic version1 is according to GOST 15150-69
Manufacture and delivery are fulfilled as per T 3665-003-11733071-96
Working pressure isnot more than 16 MPa
Working temperature is - 45 up to +40
Working medium isnatural gas
Process medium isair, water, oil
Pipeline connection dimensions (LxS), mm114 x 10
Control limit of the passage sectional area is 0...100%
In-service life is not less than 5000 operations of actuator from any fixed condition towards openin-out or closing-in
Weight isnot more than 310 kg
Service life isnot more than 30 years
Materials used for fabrication:
Basic componentssteels 092, 121810, 2013, 3013
Flanges welded to the pipelinesteel 102
Parts working in gas flow zone arecoated with a special compound consisting of tungsten carbide-cobalt-chromium


Control valves