Check valves

Shut-off valves with axial movement of locking device are intended for automatic prevention of the working fluid backflow. They are applied to piping of compressor stations with the purpose to protect the equipment from effect of the gas backflow during emergency shutdown of gas-compressor units , as well as to prevent gas leakage in case of the pipeline depressurization. These valves operate only due to the effect of the working fluid.

Shut-off valves are intended for installation on horizontal pipelines above or under the ground. Flanged joints or welding are used for connection to the pipeline. The valves are atmospherically tight.
Climatic version 1 is according to GOST 15150-69
Manufacture and delivery are fulfilled as per T3742-096-34390194-2005
Working fluid is non-aggressive natural gas
Working fluid temperature is -10 up to +80
Rate of working fluid is not more than 15 m/s
Ambient temperature is -60 up to +50
Time for complete closing during rate reduction down to zero is5 sec
Pressure drop at gas rate 10 m/s is not more than 0,01 MPa
Average service life of valves is 30 year
Materials used for manufacture
Basic components steels 092, 20
Connection pipes for welding, connecting flangessteel 092

Design characteristics

These shut-off valves are designed with axial location and translational displacement of the locking device. Their design includes damping device enabling smooth running and shock-free opening-out and closing-in of the locking device. The streamline contour of the inside running surface of the body contributes to reduction of the hydraulic friction to the working fluid flow and noise during valve operation. The design makes it possible to adjust the time of the valve closing-in.

Axisymmetric shut-off valves are highly reliable due to their shock-free operation.

Axisymmetric  shut-off  valves