Shut-off Valve

Shut-off valves with a locking device in the form of tilting disk are used to prevent backflow of transferred fluid. They are applied to piping of compressor stations with the purpose to protect the equipment from effect of the gas backflow during emergency shutdown of gas-compressor units, as well as to prevent gas leakage in case of the pipeline depressurization. Shut-off valves are intended for installation on horizontal pipelines above or under the ground. Connection pipes with following welding may be furnished if it is required by assembly conditions. Edge preparation (configuration and dimensions) of connection ends of the pipes enables welding to a pipeline without adapters. Shut-off valves are atmospherically tight.

Climatic version 1 isaccording to T 15150-69
Manufacture and delivery are fulfilled as per T 51-0303-10-96
Nominal diameter, DN, mm700, 1000
Nominal pressure, PN, mm8
Working fluid isnon-aggressive natural gas
Working fluid temperature, 10 up to +80
Ambient temperature, -60 up to +50
Rate of working fluid is not more than 20 m/s-10 up to +80
Time for complete closing during rate reduction down to zero is 5 sec
Specified service life of valves is30years
Materials used for manufacture:          
Basic componentssteels 092, 102
Connection pipes for weldingsteel 092