VOLGOGRADNEFTEMASH Joint Stock Company is ideally located on the River Volga with access to the Black Sea, the White Sea and the Baltic Sea ports; also available are road and rail links to national transport systems, which facilitates the shipment of goods to any most remote area. There is an in-Plant railway track system with approach line to the railway station of Yelshanka. The Plant has its own river berth on the bank of the River Volga equipped with two 320 t rated load cranes.
The type of transport for shipment of finished products depends upon the article dimensions:

- by road:
diameter of circumscribed circle, mm 2500
length, mmup to 15000
weight, t up to 30

- by rail:

diameter of circumscribed circle, mm 3800
length, mmup to 75000
weight, tup to 300

- by water:

diameter of circumscribed circle, mm 12000
length, mm up to 80000
weight, t up to 640

- by road
by railroad
by volga
on barge