VOLGOGRADNEFTEMASH Joint Stock Company has specialized shops for drop stamping and forging furnished with heating, pressing and forging machinery and adequate instruments and automatic equipment. High qualification of the personnel and reliable operation of the employed machinery make it possible to produce, in compliance with the specifications of the Russian standards and ASME Code, stampings and forgings of almost all steel grades for pressure vessels (ellipsoidal heads up to 4000 mm in diameter, hemispherical heads up to 9000 mm in diameter, as well as elbows, T-pieces and adapters with a diameter up to 1000 mm, and flanges, branch pipes, fastenings). There is a foundry which produces steel, iron, nonferrous, permanent-mould and investment castings. The machinery used in the blank production shops allows cutting, bending and forming of sheets and plates up to 450 mm thick, as well as machining of various rolled shape lengths. Alongside the Russianmade forming equipment the Plant utilizes the production machinery of the leading foreign firms, such as KLOCKNER (Germany), ASAKOSEIKI (Japan), VERRINA (Italy) and others.

Maximum width of bent sheets and plates, mm 4000
Maximum thickness of bent sheets and plates:
cold bending, mm250
hot bending, mm450
Maximum thickness of formed heads, mm140
Diameter of formed heads, mm1000 - 4000
Pipe bending maximum diameter, mm273 


Maximum thickness of cut sheets and plates, mm

plasma-arc cutting50
gas cutting 350
automatic gas cutting250

Forgings of all steel grades weighing from 0.5 to 400 kg are produced.

Utilized machinery:
  • air-and- steam forging hammer with dropping parts load of 3150 kg, provided with manipulator Q=0.7 t, maximum hammer head stroke 1450 mm, hammer face area size 590 x 330 mm, with overall dimensions 5100 x 2630 x 6380 mm;
  • air-and-steam forging hammer with load of dropping parts of 2000 kg, with hammer face area sizing 520 x 290 mm, and overall dimensions 4450 x 1700 x 5640 mm;
  • forging hammer rated for 1.0; 0.4, 0.25 t;
  • die-forging hammer with dropping parts load of 2 t;
  • heating and heat-treatment furnaces for each hammer.
Products manufactured:
  • troughs, boxes, elbows, adapters, T- pieces, ellipsoidal heads up to 4000 mm in diameter, lobes for subsequent welding of hemispherical heads up to 9000 mm in diameter, torispherical heads of diameter up to 4035 mm, floating heads for heat exchangers from carbon and alloy steels.
Utilized machinery:
  • doubleacting hydraulic press, 2500; 1500 (4000) tf;
  • single-acting hydraulic press, 250 to 800 tf.

The steel cast shape shop and iron foundries produce steel castings from carbon steel, high-temperature and stainless steel, iron castings from all grades of grey iron, high-duty cast iron, repair bronze and aluminium castings. Precision casting and permanent- mould casting are used in the Plant foundry practice. The castings are chiefly produced by using machine-made sand moulds.

Casting weight, kg:

steel50 - 3500
cast iron20 - 4000
Nonferrous metals:
bronzeup to 70
permanentmould casting

up to 30

Foundry facilities:                                                 

  • 7 t capacity electric-arc furnace;
  • 150 kg capacity induction furnaces;
  • iron-melting induction furnace of 6 t capacity
Applicable welding processes:
  • automatic submerged arc welding;
  • semiautomatic submerged arc welding;
  • semiautomatic gas shielded arc welding;
  • covered electrode welding;
  • tungsten arc welding;
  • electroslag welding;
  • surfacing of corrosion-resistant layer by strip electrode with magnetic effect on the welding bath;
The thickness of welded parts ranges from 1 to 200 mm;
The thickness of welded parts by electroslag welding is from 30 to 250 mm.
Welded steels and alloys:
  • lowcarbon steel;
  • lowalloy steel;
  • high-temperature steel;
  • chrome-molybdenum steel;
  • chrome-molybdenumvanadium steel
  • stainless steel;
  • ferritic steel;
  • austenitic steel;
  • austenitic-ferritic steel;
  • clad metal;
  • aluminium and its alloys;
  • nickel and its alloys
  • titanium and its alloys.

    The welding equipment includes "antidrift" systems, welding heads of "tandem" and "narrow gap" types with displacement over joint. Shops are equipped with roller stands featuring rated load capacity of 60, 120 and 300 t and manipulators with rated load capacities of 7 to 150 t. The maximum height of the automatic welding platform position is 10 m. In-house-made welding heads and arms are used in welding shops as well as welding arms and manipulators of such firms as ESAB (Sweden), KROGER and DEUMA (Germany), LINCOLN (USA) and infrared heaters made in Japan. An advanced know-how and mechanical facilities have been developed for corrosion- resistant welding overlay of inside surfaces of 2" and over diameter nozzles.

    The machinery available in the machining shops makes it possible to do all types of cutting, abrading and electric discharge machining of parts and units of various sizes. Advanced procedures and techniques of rate and laser cutting and machining centers are being introduced. Alongside the Russian-produced machinery, machine tools supplied by such companies as DORRIES, SCHIESS, KOLB (Germany) and others comprise a considerable part of the Plant machining inventory.

    Maximum planed length, mm12000
    Maximum workpiece diameter for turning and boring lathe, mm 6400
    Maximum drilling depth, mm1100
    Maximum workpiece height, mm5000
    Shaft electric furnaces for heating and tempering:
    work maximum diameter, mm1000
    Furnaces for postweld heat treatment:
    furnace inside dimensions, mm:
    width 7400
    maximum heating temperature, C900
    maximum charged weight, t600

    Furnaces for hot forming:
    furnace inside dimensions, mm:
    maximum heating temperature, C1100
    maximum charged weight, t 20
    Furnaces for hot forming:
    furnace inside dimensions, mm:
    maximum heating temperature, C1250
    maximum charged weight, t0.5