Production of vessel parts


Unique techniques developed in the company make it possible to produce ellipsoidal and hemispherical heads of all dimension-types.
Hemispherical and ellipsoidal heads 4000 mm up to 9000mm in diameter are manufactured from lobes stamped in hot condition on a hydraulic press with a force of 4000 tf with following assembly and welding on special beds.


Large-sized cones are produced from several parts by rolling with preheating.Mating, matching and welding of the parts is conducted on a special welding area with subsequent destructive and nondestructive testing of welds. Then sizing of the cone on the roll mills and trimming of the cone edges are performed to observe the height. Trimming of the cone is conducted on a unique lathe with rotary table with diameter 6800mm.

The manufacture of OFF-CENTERED CONES without flanging in die blocks to be used in fabrication of non-central cones with following gauging against a template has been mastered at Volgogradneftemash. Flanging of thin walled off- centered cones is conducted in cold condition in die blocks designed and fabricated at the company.


Shells courses from plate with thickness up to 350 mm are manufactured at a plate bending machine DWVH 3600/253 produced by a German firm KLOKNER. Bending is performed without rough tolerance for trimming and without subsequent cutting of the straight zones. The fine-finish dimension of the blank is achieved by machining on a reamer. The reamer is designed depending on the correlation between the diameter and the shell thickness subject to the correction factor for rolling-off


Volgogradneftemash JSC produces the following equipment:

  • elbows from tubular billets DN50mm up to DN125mm,
  • formed-and-welded elbows DN100mm up to DN700mm,
  • formed-and-welded transitions 400x128mm up to 3200x1800mm,
  • transitions made from tubular billets up to 400x300mm,
  • formed-and-welded and ball tees.

Forge shop facility makes it possible to produce forged blanks for flanges and nozzles weighing up to 600 kg.

Heads, shell courses, reinforcing pads, cones and etc. up to 6400mm diameter and up to 5000mm height are machined on turning-and-boring lathes prior to assembly.

This treatment provides observing of absolutely all requirements of the regulating documents concerning the quality of the joined elements fit-up,production of welds and heat affected zones, keeping of the straightness tolerances, out-of- concentric and out-of-roundness conditions.