September, 1941 - Foundation of Stalingrad Factory of heavy cracking equipment.


1946 Output of the first batch of major produce: 518 tons of oil refining equipment.


1952-1960 - The first reconstruction of the Factory resulted in the increase of the equipment output from 6.2 thousand tons to 22.0 thousand tons a year.


1960-1964 - Manufacture and supply of large-size fractionating columns to the sites of oil refineries in Stalingrad, Ryazan, Kstovo. Fabrication of equipment having 48-52 mm wall thickness first started at the Factory.

 As a result of the second reconstruction, preassembled vessels could now be shipped to field sites by water and special transport overland.


1971-1980 37 items of Reforming Reactors weighing 2.8 thousand tons in total were supplied to 11 oil refineries in Salavat, Chimkent, Yaroslavl, Achinsk, etc.


1981-1985 - 12 Coke Chambers were shipped to oil refineries in Baku, Omsk and Perm.

The Company started commercial production of Ball Valves DN 1000 mm for gas pipeline Urengoi- Pomari-Uzhgorod.

With the completion of the third reconstruction the Company"s production capacity increased by five times.


1991 - The Factory becomes a subsidiary of the state- owned gas concern Gazprom.


2007 - 4 Cr-Mo Reactors with the wall thickness of 168 mm and weight of 200 tons each for Mozyr Refinery (Belorus) were made and shipped for the first time.


2008 - The Company was incorporated in a group of companies owned by StroyGazMontazh (SGM).


2009 - Shipment of a unique Vacuum Column with the maximum shell diameter of 8.5 m and 362  tons weight to the construction site of a complex of oil refining and petrochemical plants in Nizhnekamsk (Tatarstan).


2010 - Manufacture of reactors with the 180 mm thick shell for a deep conversion plant in Kirishi (Leningrad Region) was finished off.


2011 Output of one million tons of equipment: Hydrofining Reactors for Lukoil-VolgogradNeftePererabotka intended for a new installation to produce diesel fuel complying with the European emission standard (Euro 5).


2013 - coke drums with the diameter 7.6 m were manufactured and shipped by water to LLC "Lukoil-Permnefteorgsyntez ". Weight of each vessel fabricated from clad steel amounted to 190 tons.


2014 .  Manufacturing of 10 adsorbing towers for"Kazatchiya" compressor station was completed. Vessels with the diameter of 4.6 m and a length of 20 m fabricated from a special high-strength steel. On the inner surface of the vessels refractory lining was applied at the factory. This kind of equipment has not yet been made in Russia. The work was conducted in accordance with the most stringent requirements of the international ASME standard.


2015 .  - JSC "Volgogradneftemash" was included in the list of strategic organizations, as a company that significantly influences the development of the oil and gas industry.

JSC "Volgogradneftemash" produced two reactors from high-heat-resistant chrome-molybdenum vanadium steel with stainless steel cladding layer as per ASME requirements (Section VIII, Division 2). Vessels with the diameter of 3.7 meters with the maximum wall thickness of 95 mm and a total weight of about 500 tons were sent to the customer by water.