Volgogradneftemash Joint Stock Company is the &#
largest manufacturer of equipment for gas, 
petroleum and petrochemical industries in Russia 
being a 
subsidiary of Gazprom.Volgogradneftemash JSC is one of the biggest Russian manufacturers of pressure vessels, such as reactors, columns, shell and tube heat exchangers, separators, tanks for chemical, natural gas and petroleum industries.

The manufacture at Volgogradneftemash specifically features the capability to supply large-size and heavy equipment ready for service. This eliminates the need for further assembly of the equipment on site allowing to significantly speed up its commissioning.

The Factory also supplies centrifugal pumps and other equipments for main gas pipelines, such as pig launchers and receivers, ball valves, check valves.

Almost all gas processing and transporting companies, oil and gas processing plants in Russia and the former USSR are provided with the equipment made by Volgogradneftemash JSC.

Technical and production capabilities of the Factory, the highly skilled workers and engineers, as well as application of the state-of-the-art technologies allow to create large-size heavy-wall vessels which are most claimed in the market of the equipment for oil and gas processing and petrochemical industries today.

The Factory is ideally located on the River Volga and has its own river berth giving access to seaports of the Black Sea, the White Sea and the Baltic Sea, which facilitates the shipment of large-size equipment to customers to any remote area.

Among our customers there are not only the Russian companies like Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, N , Surgutneftegaz, but also the companies of neighbouring countries, such as Belneftekhim (Belarus), Uzbekneftegaz (Uzbekistan), Ukrtatnafta (Ukraine), KazMunaiGaz (Kazakhstan).


75 years of  the Companys production activity have resulted in the wide experience in making oil-and-gas equipment which complies with the highest quality standards and has proved reliability in operation.