Ball valves DN 150, 200,300, 700, 1000, 1200, 1400mm, PN 8, 10, 12.5, 16 MPa

Ball valves are used as shut-off valves in pipelines for transmission of non-aggressive natural gas at temperature minus 60C up to plus 80C. These valves are intended for installation on gas-main pipelines, collection and gas treatment facilities in compressor gas-distribution stations.

Air-tightness of ball valves corresponds to class A 9544-93
Climatic version is according to T 15150-69:
1temperate (-45C up to +50C)
1cold ( -60 up to +45C);
1temperate and cold ( -60 up to +50C)
Connection to the pipeline iscarried out by welding
Manufacture and delivery are fulfilled as perT 26-07-1466-92,
51-0303-22-2000 (DN 150, 200 mm)
Average service life of the ball valves is 30 years

Materials used for fabrication:                            
Valve bodysteel 092
Ball steels 092, 20 with Cr coating 30m
Spindlesteel 20XH3A with Cr coating 30m
Sealingrubber and polyurethane

Design characteristics:

  • all-welded body of the valve eliminates gas leakage to the environment;
  • gate seal is fabricated from high wear- and erosion -proof polyurethane;
  • ball in supports design of the gate with bearings made from metalfluoraplastic material not requiring any greasing during operational process;
  • high tightness of the gate is assured by permanent pressing of both seats of double action to the ball by means of springs and operating pressure of gas.