Volgogradneftemash produces large-size equipment for the plant GTL-technology in Uzbekistan

In the end of July, JSC Volgogradneftemash passed another technical audit for the manufacture of four washing towers for the liquid synthetic fuel plant based at the Shurtan gas chemical complex that is under construction in the Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan.

Representatives of the Customer PAO "Cryogenmash" and the projector "ENTER Engineering PTE.Ltd" checked the production progress of the equipment, compliance with the schedules, monitored the necessary processes and procedures. Based on the results of the audit, a positive evaluation was given to the work of the plant over the order.

Two nitrogen and two air washing towers, whose diameter is 5,8 m and 6 m, and the total weight - more than 400 tons, will be operated as part of the Air separation unit of the GTL-technology plant for the transfer of gas to liquid state. Shipment of vessels is scheduled for September. They will go by water through the Caspian Sea to the Customer.