Volgogradneftemash make a package supply of equipment for the installation of hydrotreating unit for the production of diesel fuel "Euro-5"

JSC Volgogradneftemash continues to ship large-sized equipment produced for the company VPK-Oil for the installation diesel hydro-treater, which is being built at the Kochenevsky oil refinery in framework of implementation of manufacture modernization project. At the end of November a 28-meter stripping drum was sent to Novosibirsk by rail.


JSC Volgogradneftemash produces the full package of on-site equipment for this unit for production of diesel fuel "Euro-5": the column, reactor, separators, heat exchangers, vessels, filters, and heaters - more than 30 items.


Some of the equipment has been already delivered to the customer. The rest of the items will be sent later in the year.