Volgogradneftemash has launched the production of High Pressure Heat Exchangers for Omsk oil and gas industry

Volgogradneftemash has started manufacturing heat exchangers for Diesel Oil Hydrotreating and Dewaxing Unit under the order from AO Gazpromneft-ONPZ.

These heat exchangers are intended for heating raw materials of the Hydrotreater as a result of cooling the product of the Dewaxing Reactor and are designed for high temperature service at about 400C and 11 MPa. They are made of chrome-molybdenum heat-resistant steels and are of a special design to TEMA CEU type with a welded tubesheet and a welded membrane instead of a gasket for sealing the tube side.

The largest heat exchanger, consisting of four vessels with a wall thickness of 90 mm, will be as heavy as 255 tons. The ordered batch of equipment of more than 400 tons in total has to be manufactured by the end of next year.

Cooperation between the Volgograd Petroleum Engineering Company and the Omsk Oil Refinery which dates back to the middle of the last century has been especially intense in recent years when GazpromNeft launched a large-scale re-equipment of the Omsk Refinery. Only in the last two years Volgogradneftemash has supplied twenty items of modern large-size process equipment to Omsk, including those specifically designed for the purpose.