The Separator fabricated by Volgogradneftemash was supplied to Orsk

In early August, the High Pressure Cold Separator manufactured by Volgogradneftemash was shipped to the erection site of PAO Orsknefteorgsintez. The vessel with a wall thickness of 146 mm and weighing 140 tons was made of clad steel in accordance with the requirements of ASME Code and Russian standards. It is intended for operation as part of the Hydrocracker Unit with the Hydrogen Generation Section. The final assembly of the Separator with the skirt, as well as the installation of welded attachments will be carried out on site by the Volgogradneftemash personnel.

Earlier in March this year, the Volgograd Company fabricated the High Pressure Hot Separator with a wall thickness of 154 mm, which will also be operated at the above installation.