Volgogradneftemash has shipped Coke Drums to Omsk Refinery

On 31st of July, three large-size Coke Drums of 5.5 m in diameter, 27.5 m long and weighing 193 tons each were shipped to JSC Gazpromneft-ONPZ on a special barge from the berth of Volgogradneftemash up the Volga river according to contractual terms. The vessels made of clad steel are intended for the Delayed Coking Unit under reconstruction.

The Volgograd Petroleum Engineering Company and the Omsk Oil Refinery have been in long-standing partnership relations, which began in the 1950s. Today Volgogradneftemash is actively involved in the re-equipment of the Omsk Refinery in terms of providing the main process equipment. Thus, a year ago, in compliance with the State program of import substitution, the Volgograd Company made for the above mentioned critical industrial facility two oversize Coke Drums of 9.5 m in diameter and weighing 600 tons each, six large-sized Columns, the biggest being 71 m long, 8 m in diameter and weighing more than 500 tons, as well as ten High Pressure Heat Exchangers with a Breech Lock closure, which were previously produced only abroad.