JSC Volgogradneftemash has shipped unique process equipment to Tatneft

Early in November from the berth of Volgogradneftemash unique process equipment has been shipped. It was reactor and regenerator section of the catalytic cracking unit that is being built for the complex of petrochemical and oil refineries in Nizhnekamsk by PAO Tatneft.

The unit is designed to process black oil using catalytic cracking with a fluidized bed of catalyst and is able to work effectively in a continuous process mode. Its start-up will provide an increase in the yield of light petroleum products and oil conversion ratio.

The reactor and regenerator section is the key section of the unit and consists of five parts. The dimensions of the two largest vessels are 7 and 8 meters in diameter and up to 30 meters in length. The total weight of the section is about 400 tons. The equipment is made of various steel grades. The vessels themselves are made of imported and Russian low-alloy steels, and the internal devices are made of home-produced high alloy steel. Subsequently to protect the vessels from the effects of high temperature and aggressive working environment their internal surfaces and internal devices will be covered with a refractory attrition-resistant lining at the installation site for fixing which during the manufacture of the vessels special components and parts were installed.

The equipment was designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of Russian standards and technical regulations of the Customs Union on the basis of the technical design of the VNIINEFTEMASH local design institute.