Volgogradneftemash has shipped heavy equipment to the Omsk refinery

On July 10, at the berth of JSC Volgogradneftemash, two separators were successfully shipped to Gazpromneft-ONPZ.

The equipment will be used as part of a vacuum gas oil hydro cracker unit of the Deep Conversion Complex, being built at the Omsk Refinery. These devices are designed for the purification of hydrocarbons from mechanical impurities and moisture in the presence of hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide in the raw materials. They are made according to the design documentation of the licensor of the unit Chevron Lummus Global and OMZ- Daelim in accordance with the requirements of Russian standards and the international standard ASME. Separators are designed to work at high pressure which can be up to 16 MPa and are made of bimetal with a thickness of 153 and 161 mm. The production was carried out under the supervision of the customer"s inspector.

To the customer the equipment, the total weight of which is more than two hundred tons, was sent by water transport. The route of its delivery from Volgograd to Omsk runs along the Northern Sea Route.